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Connecticut ZIP Code List

This is the list of ZIP Codes in Connecticut. The zip code 5, state, county, and city are displayed in the list. You can click the title to browse the detail information.

ZIP Code is the postal code used by the United States Postal Service (USPS). ZIP is short for Zone Improvement Plan, which implies that mail can be delivered to its destination more efficiently and quickly. There are two types of zip codes in U.S, five digit zip code and nine digit zip code respectively. The basic ZIP number consists of five digits, followed by four more numbers, allowing the mail to be delivered to the destination more accurately. The 1st, 2nd, and 3rd digits indicate the distribution area or the processing and distribution center. The 4th and 5th digits indicate the post office or the distribution area. Plus 4-digit zip code identifies a very specific geographic position within the zip code, such as a city block, apartment group, an individual receiver of mail, a post office box, or any other unit.

StateCountyCityZIP Code
CTHartford CountyAVON06001
CTHartford CountyBLOOMFIELD06002
CTHartford CountyWINDSOR06006
CTHartford CountyBRISTOL06010
CTHartford CountyBRISTOL06011
CTHartford CountyBURLINGTON06013
CTHartford CountyBROAD BROOK06016
CTLitchfield CountyCANAAN06018
CTHartford CountyCANTON06019
CTHartford CountyCANTON CENTER06020
CTLitchfield CountyCOLEBROOK06021
CTHartford CountyCOLLINSVILLE06022
CTHartford CountyEAST BERLIN06023
CTLitchfield CountyEAST CANAAN06024
CTHartford CountyEAST GLASTONBURY06025
CTHartford CountyEAST GRANBY06026
CTHartford CountyEAST HARTLAND06027
CTHartford CountyEAST WINDSOR HILL06028
CTTolland CountyELLINGTON06029
CTHartford CountyFARMINGTON06030
CTLitchfield CountyFALLS VILLAGE06031
CTHartford CountyFARMINGTON06032
CTHartford CountyGLASTONBURY06033
CTHartford CountyFARMINGTON06034
CTHartford CountyGRANBY06035
CTHartford CountyBERLIN06037
CTLitchfield CountyLAKEVILLE06039
CTHartford CountyMANCHESTER06040
CTHartford CountyMANCHESTER06041
CTHartford CountyMANCHESTER06042
CTHartford CountyBOLTON06043
CTHartford CountyMANCHESTER06045
CTHartford CountyNEW BRITAIN06050
CTHartford CountyNEW BRITAIN06051
CTHartford CountyNEW BRITAIN06052
CTHartford CountyNEW BRITAIN06053
CTLitchfield CountyNEW HARTFORD06057
CTLitchfield CountyNORFOLK06058
CTHartford CountyNORTH CANTON06059
CTHartford CountyNORTH GRANBY06060
CTLitchfield CountyPINE MEADOW06061
CTHartford CountyPLAINVILLE06062
CTLitchfield CountyBARKHAMSTED06063
CTHartford CountyPOQUONOCK06064
CTLitchfield CountyRIVERTON06065
CTHartford CountyROCKY HILL06067
CTLitchfield CountySALISBURY06068
CTLitchfield CountySHARON06069
CTHartford CountySIMSBURY06070
CTTolland CountySOMERS06071
CTTolland CountySOMERSVILLE06072
CTHartford CountySOUTH WINDSOR06074
CTTolland CountySTAFFORD06075
CTTolland CountySTAFFORDVILLE06077
CTHartford CountySUFFIELD06078
CTLitchfield CountyTACONIC06079
CTHartford CountySUFFIELD06080
CTHartford CountyTARIFFVILLE06081
CTHartford CountyENFIELD06082
CTHartford CountyENFIELD06083
CTHartford CountyTOLLAND06084
CTHartford CountyUNIONVILLE06085
CTHartford CountyUNIONVILLE06087
CTHartford CountyEAST WINDSOR06088
CTHartford CountyWEATOGUE06089
CTHartford CountyWEST GRANBY06090
CTHartford CountyWEST HARTLAND06091
CTHartford CountyWEST SIMSBURY06092
CTHartford CountyWEST SUFFIELD06093
CTLitchfield CountyWINCHESTER CENTER06094
CTHartford CountyWINDSOR06095
CTHartford CountyWINDSOR LOCKS06096
CTLitchfield CountyWINSTED06098
CTHartford CountyHARTFORD06101
CTHartford CountyHARTFORD06102
CTHartford CountyHARTFORD06103
CTHartford CountyHARTFORD06104